Break-out Groups Topics


  • You are an operator in a new ultra-deepwater development, looking at several solutions to reduce water ingress/ increase production including application of a novel AICD technology. How would you go about structuring this valuation problem to decide which option would be the most attractive; or if he should do nothing and simply accept lower production rates from the wells?
  • Your company has been developing an AICD for several years, with a lab prototype developed needing qualification in real field conditions. There are concerns about IP protection, how much customers would pay and investment in the required manufacturing facility.  How would you estimate much would this potentially game-changing new product might be worth to your company?
  • You have developed a prototype AICD which a consultant has predicted a total annual market of $500MM by 2020. It is not clear exactly how the consultant arrived at these figures but it appears that the consultant’s report was based on market estimates based on 2013 data, when the oil price (and drilling activity) was much higher than today.  You are sceptical and feel the report is superficial, how would you critique the consultant’s report on the value of this new technology?
  • Your prototype AICD has been field trialled, but sometimes gives false positives which could take significant work and time to fix.  How do you decide between the following options: to delay product launch, allowing R&D to re-design the sensor system; to license the proven sensor system from the competitor; to take a chance and launch the product as it is, while simultaneously trying to improve the sensing system?


  • The use of Passive Inflow Control in High Rate Gas Wells and the Techniques and Options for Remediation
  • Share experience to date
  • Leading Considerations That Result in Decisions to Run ICDs and How to Design These
  • ICDs run from start versus intervention to add ICDs
  • Evaluation of an ICD Completion


  • Data gathering and workflow for finalising ICD set up, and how to optimise ICD design for a new field with limited data
  • Standardisation and Validation of ICD equipment, and how to assess ICD performance once installed
  • SAGD flow control in Canada, and ICD use in heavy oil reservoirs


  • When to use ICDs or ICVs or neither
  • Well Stimulation and re-stim options
  • ICD gravel packs
  • Modelling


  • ICD application for gas reservoir production and injection scenarios
  • Are we Considering Gas Compressibility into Pressure Drop Calculation for Gas?
  • How to address barriers to application – technical, political
  • Defining the flow rate range per ICD (nozzle, tube, helix)


  • Reservoir Simulation Standards for ICD’s
  • Critical Parameters for ICD Design (Configuration)
  • End Effects of Production- do we want balanced flow
  • Negative Impact od ICD;S on Wellbore Clean Up
  • Gas ICD
  • Autonomous ICD for Gas Shut Off in Oil


  • Equipment- Orifice/Helical/Hybrid- which is the better design?
  • Value- Design and Modelling, Long Horizontal or Multilateral?
  • Diagnostics- Should Standards be Developed Such as an API?
  • What Auxiliary Equipment is Required to Run ICD’s?
  • Deployment Procedures- Mud Conditioning, Displacement to Low-Solid o/f, Immediate Clean Up, Bean Up Strategy

2008 October

  • Workflows for Design and Implementation
  • Remedial Actions and Implementations

2008 April

  • Fractured Carbonates
  • Zonal Isolation and Mobility Control in PICT Applications
  • Use of PICT in Layered Reserviors
  • Injectors