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Meeting Presentations
2022-06-14_Day 2_18_AshawEnergy_New mathematical solutions to model the segregated flow in high water cut wells
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2022-06-14_Day 2_17_Ranold - Improved choke modelling for downhole applications
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2022-06-14_Day 2_16_Equinor_Novel software for inflow control modelling
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2022-06-14_Day 2_12. OTM - Presentation Slides_Day 2
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2022-06-14_Day 1_09_Baker Hughes_Flow Control Device Completion in a Water Injector with Differential Pressure
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2022-06-14_Day 1_08_Laboratory testing techniques for distributed sensing systems
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2022-06-14_Day 1_05_Floway_Novel autonomous inflow control device delivers improved performance for heavier crudes
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2022-06-14_Day 1_03_Equinor_Application of fiber-optic sensing to production inflow profile monitoring at Johan-Sverdrup
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2022-06-14_Day 1_01- OTM Presentation Slides_Day 1
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2021-10-26_Day 3_19-Baker Hughes - Construction experience and production history of multilateral wells with ICD developments
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2021-10-26_Day 3_18-Tracerco - Tracer evaluation of the first open hole gravel pack with AICD in ultra-deep water
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2021-10-26_Day 3_17-Schlumberger - Setting the pace for horizontal well completions in the Niger Delta using_AICD
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2021-10-26_Day 3_16_Halliburton -AICD Completion Methodology and ICD Case Study
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2021-10-26_Day 2_12-Heriot Watt - Fast optmisation of packer locations in wells with flow control completions
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2021-10-26_Day 2_11-Uni of Western Australia - Partial emulsification of crude oil and water by nozzle type ICD
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2021-10-26_Day 2_10-Ashaw Energy - New generation of outflow control devices
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2021-10-26_Day 2_09-Innowell - System qualification of the density-based DAR technology
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2021-10-26_Day 1_06-SWRI - Challenges and solutions in testing and particle laden gas
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2021-10-26_Day 1_03-Baker Hughes - Conformable sand management system with inflow control optimisation
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2021-10-26_Day 1_02-Aker BP - Hunting AICD performance improvements
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2021-10-26_Day 1_01-OTM - Presentation Slides
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2021-03-24_(with audio) How BEM can resolve the WellReservoir coupling issues in Flow-Control-Devices_Mazda Irani
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2021-03-23_Day Two_1_Weatherford_Design to improve operational well efficiency
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2020-09-02_Day 3_5-Ranold - Best Practice for Inflow Control Technology
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2020-09-02_Day 3_4-Baker Hughes - CFD simulation driven design for Clyclone type AICDs
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2020-09-02_Day 3_3_Halliburton - Rapid Simple portable tool to design and analyse the value of ICDS
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2020-09-02_Day 3_2-Ranold - Best Modelling Workflow Overview
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2020-09-02_Day 2_7-Aker BP - Attic Oil Recovery in the Alvheim Field
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2020-09-02_Day 2_6-BP - Taas-Yurakh NefteGazDobycha (Experience with AICDs)
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2020-09-02_Day 2_5-Welltec - Predictive modelling and deployment of multi position choke ICD in GOM
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2020-09-02_Day 2_3-Equinor - Experiences from an ICD application on the Norwegian Continential Shelf
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2020-09-02_Day 1_8-Variperm -Passive ICD performance and challenges in SAGD wells
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2020-09-02_Day 1_7-Inflow Control AS - Evolution of Passive and AICDs
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2020-09-02_Day 1_6-C-FER - Development & testing of ICD for bitumen recovery applications
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2020-09-02_Day 1_4-SwRI - Test facility considerations for novel AICD designs
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2020-09-02_Day 1_3-RGL - A novel type of nozzle without moving parts for blocking gas and water
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2020-09-02_Day 1_2-Tendeka - Refinement testing and modelling of a next generation AICD
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2020-09-02_Day 1_1-OTM - Meeting welcome and introduction
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2019-05-09_18. ExxonMobil_API 19ICD update
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2019-05-09_17. SWRI - Testing and Computational Analysis of ICDs
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2019-05-09_16. Tendeka - Experience with AICD completions viscous oil and water applications
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2019-05-09_15. Halliburton_Performance Comparison of Completion Designs OH, ICD, and AICDS
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2019-05-09_14. Equinor - Autonomous inflow control for increased recovery and low carbon footprint
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2019-05-09_11. Schlumberger_Cyclonic AICD – Gas & Water InFlow Control
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2019-05-09_10. BHGE_Understanding AICD Performance
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2019-05-09_09. Weatherford -Impact of Near-Wellbore Refinement on Modelling Completions
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2019-05-09_08. Heriot-Watt_New Methods for Analytical and Numberical Modelling
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2019-05-09_06. Schlumberger_Injectivity Control and Conformance_Intelligence versus Investment
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2019-05-09_05. Tendeka - FloFuse for Water Injection and Acid Stimulation
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2018-08-30_9. Tendeka - Design Optimiation of Completions with Autonomous Flow Control Devices for Improved Recovery
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2018-08-30_8. Neptune Energy - An evaluation of inflow control technologies on Gjoa
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2018-08-30_7. OMV - Why to Drill Infill Horizontal Wells - use Completions With AICDs - A Case Study
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2018-08-30_6. Schlumberger - Reservoir Digital Control RDC - Digital Well Solution
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2018-08-30_5. Equinor - Qualification for AICD in Equinor
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2018-08-30_4. Aarbakke innovation - Development of Robotic wireline tool for complex wellbore operations
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2018-08-30_3. Superior Energy - Final phases of qualification on four year journey of first downhole flow regulator
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2018-08-30_2. Innowell Solutions - DAR Technology
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2018-08-30_18. Baker Hughes - A System Providing Open Hole Sand Control Conformance and Inflow Control
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2018-08-30_16. Heriot-Watt - The potential for improved polymer flooding with polymer-friendly ICDs
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2018-08-30_15. BHGE - AICD modelling and selection in different well_reservoir environments
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2018-08-30_12. SwRI - Research driven testing methods of ICDs
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2018-08-30_11. Tendeka - Multi-phase Flow Performance of AICD Completions
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2017-10-12_6. SWRI - Research Driven Testing Methods of ICVs vs ICDs
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2017-10-12_5. Chevron - Qualification of Flow Control and Isolation Devices in Horizontal Steam Injection Test Fac
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2017-10-12_3. Heriot-Watt - Modelling MPF in AICD completions
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2017-10-12_20. Shell -The Process of Selecting the Right Technology for our first Deployment
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2017-10-12_2. BHGE - A NOvel AICD Analytical Solution
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2017-10-12_18. Petroleum Experts - ICD Design Using ICV Optimation Techniques
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2017-10-12_17. Tendeka - Innovative Flow Control Technology for Ijection Weels to Extend Well Life
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2017-10-12_16. Chevron - Gonzales Garcia Final_Selection in Water Injectors
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2017-10-12_15. Heriot-Watt - Value of Robust Optimal Selection of FCDs in Advanced Completions
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2017-10-12_14. Heriot Watt - Update on Phase 4 of Value of Advanced Wells JIP
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2017-10-12_12. Tendeka - Quick Screening of Application to Select Inflow Control Completion
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2017-10-12_11. Tracerco - Inflow tracers confirm performance of AICD technology in a wel Offshore Brazil
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2017-10-12_10. Total - ICT Installations and applications in Total
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2016-09-28_7. Tendeka_Evaluation of AICD to control Gas Breakthrough in Carbonate Reservoir_I 1
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2016-09-28_6. Inflow Control AS - AICV Experience from installations
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2016-09-28_5. Heriot-Watt Uni - Modelling and design of Autonomous FCDs
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2016-09-28_4._ABS Field Trial Comparing AICV and Nozzles Using Multi-port Valve
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2016-09-28_3. Schlumberger - Manara
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2016-09-28_2. ZADCO_Acid Systems and ICD Design Considerations for Stimulation
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2016-09-28_19. Tendeka EOR on Troll Field by Implementing AICD
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2016-09-28_16. Uni of Stavanger_Autonomous Inflow Control Water Removal and Water Stop Technologies
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2016-09-28_15. Baker Hughes_Durability of a Multi-Stage ICD
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2016-09-28_14. ABS_The Effects of Particle Hardness on the Erosion of ICDs
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2016-09-28_13. Heriot-Watt Uni - Identifying Leaking Packers in Advanced Wells
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2016-09-28_1. OTM Presentation Slides_28092016
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2015-10-01_Absolute Completion Technologies - SC roundtable
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2015-10-01_5_OTM - Valuing Technology
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2015-10-01_4_Resman - Monitoring an AICD Completion using Intel Inflow Tracers
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2015-10-01_3_Halliburton_Stimulation Through EquiFlow AICDs
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2015-10-01_20_Norway Well Solutions - Enhancing the capability of ICDs and ICVs by gravel packing from inside-out
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2015-10-01_1_OTM - Presentation Slides
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2015-10-01_19_AWES - Update on AWES JIP
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2015-10-01_16_Tendeka - Adopting Advanced Completion Technologies During an Oil Downturn
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2015-10-01_15_Heriot-Watt - Guidelines for Passive Active and Auto flow Control Completion Design
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2015-10-01_12_Tendeka - SPE 171149 Sustaining Production by Limited Water Cut
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2015-10-01_11_Schlumberger - Company ICD Completion Design Practices
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2015-10-01_10_Baker Hughes Use of ICD Control in Alberta SAGD Completions
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2014-11-05_Tendeka, Isma Ismail_ICT Calgary 2014_Tendeka_IMI BV rev2 Webpage
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2014-11-05_Tendeka Isma Ismail_ICT Calgary 2014_Tendeka_IMI BV rev2 Webpage
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2014-11-05_Schlumberger-Simulation of ICDs AICDs and FCVs in Isothermal and Thermal Operations
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2014-11-05_Schlumberger-Modeling Aspect of Optimal SAGD operation Can Flow Control Devices Help
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2014-11-05_OTM Presentation Slides
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2014-11-05_Heriot-Watt University-Value from Advanced Wells New Frontiers
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2014-11-05_Halliburton-Steam Flow Tests Comparing the Performance of Nozzle ICD T-ICD and AICD
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2014-11-05_Halliburton-SAGD Steam Injector Flow Control Device Design and Testing
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2014-11-05_Halliburton-Numerical ICD optimization
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2014-11-05_ConocoPhillips-Fundamentals of Flow Control Devices on SAGD Operations
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2014-11-05_Baker Hughes-A Comparative Analysis of the Effect of FCD Placement on SAGD Operations
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2014-11-05_ACT-Applications of ICDs in CSS wells rev 1
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2014-11-05_ACT and OTM-Update on AWES ICD standard work group
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2014-11-05_ Inflow Control AS-Autonomous Inflow Control Valve (AICV) for Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil
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2014-02-04_Weatherford-ICD Applications in Water Injection Wells
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2014-02-04_The advantages of dynamic reservior modelling
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2014-02-04_Tendeka-Wireless Intelligent Wells
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2014-02-04_Tendeka-AICD Modelling and Porting into Reservoir Simulators
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2014-02-04_Shell-Benefit of ICDs in Horizontal Wells in a Thin Oil Rim
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2014-02-04_Schlumberger-Reservoir Centric Approach and Optimization Workflows for Horizontal Wells in Carbonate Reservoirs
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2014-02-04_Schlumberger-High Rate Water Injectors - Possibilities and Limitations
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2014-02-04_Resman-A Non-Intrusive Method to Monitor Well Integrity and Performance of Intelligent Completions
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2014-02-04_Maersk-ICD Modelling using Reveal
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2014-02-04_Maersk Oil-Multizone Completion Design for Long Horizontal ERD Wells
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2014-02-04_InflowControl-Reservoir Simulation of the New AICV
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2014-02-04_Halliburton-Optimizing Open Hole Swellable Packer Length for Zonal Isolation
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2014-02-04_Halliburton-Defining AICDs by their Flow Performance
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2014-02-04_Halliburton-Challenge of Modelling Advanced Completion Well Performance in Combination with Reservoir Performance
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2014-02-04_Baker Hughes-PICD Enhancement
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2014-02-04_Baker Hughes-Overcoming Challenges with PICD
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2014-02-04_Baker Hughes-MULTINODE System-Combining IPS and ICDs
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2014-02-04_Baker Hughes-CFD Analysis of ICD Erosion Risk
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2014-02-04_Baker Highes-Open Hole Packers
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2014-02-04_ADCO-Preparations of Smart Completions
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2014-02-04_ACT-New Technologies for Completing ICD Wells More Effectively
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2014-02-04_ACT New Technologies for Completing ICD Wells More Effectively
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2014-02-04_ ACT-The Advantages of Dynamic reservior Modelling Combined with Adaptive ICDS
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2012_03_27_AGR_-_Anne Gerd Raffn
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2011_05_05_Weatherford_ICD Completions - Where, When & Which_2011
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2011_05_05_Schlumberger_PICT 2011
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2011_05_05_Halliburton_Autonomous Valves _2011
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2011_05_05_Baker_Plugging Qualification Testing_2011
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2011_05_05_Baker Hughes_PICT_2011
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2011-5-05- Resman_Wireless reservior surveillance for ICD screens
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2010_11_09_Weatherford_PICT Presentation_2010
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2010_11_09_Weatherford_ICD Deployment in Injector with Thermal Fractures and Pore Throat Plugging_2010
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2010_11_09_Weatherford_Cased Hole ICD Applications_2010
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2010_11_09_Saudi Aramco_PICT_Level proposal_2010
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2010_11_09_Petrowell_Ula A17_PICT_2010
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2010_11_09_Halliburton_Optimization of ICDs_2010
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2010-10-18_SPE-136539_Innovative Multi-zone Water Injection The Enfield ENC05 Story
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2009_10_27_Annie_Hairsine_OTM (4)
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2009_10_27_Annie_Hairsine_OTM (3)
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2009_10_27_Annie_Hairsine_OTM (2)
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2008_10_23_Shreekant_Mehta_OTM_231008 (2)
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2008_10_23_Shreekant Mehta - OTM_241008
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2008_04_21_Shreekant_Mehta_OTM_Consulting_22Apr08 (2)
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2008_04_21_Shreekant_Mehta_OTM_Consulting_21Apr08 (2)
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2008_04_21_Geirmund Saetre_Halliburton_21Apr08
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2008-10-23-Breakout session introduction_241008
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